Welcome to I Ride With Steve

I rode my bicycle from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL from 19 September 2018 to 19 November, 2018.  As a 60 year old disabled veteran, I was riding for anyone facing challenges, most of us do!  I rode as a motivation that we all have the power to overcome our challenges!

I also rode for three amazing veteran charities; The Travis Mills Foundation, Project Hero, and the Air Force Enlisted Village.

This ride may be over, but this journey continues! I rode for two months, and an amazing two months it was; full of discovery about myself, my ability to overcome, my relationship with my amazing bride, Deborah, and about this wonderful country we live in and all it’s beauty. For many of you, and me too, our struggles will continue. We will constantly need that added motivation to keep moving forward as we face each day’s obstacles.  Please follow my continued “ride” as I help you discover your strengths, and keep us all moving forward to enjoy this amazing life!