Month: January 2019

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“I Like To Move It” – And So Should You!

Greetings everyone! Can you believe that one month of 2019 is almost behind us?  This just shows how fast time really does fly, and how fleeting our lives truly are.  Also, with January coming to an end, there is 80% of our population that made New Year Resolutions that will …

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Why the Why?

Hope everyone is having a great week!  As I pedaled through my 61 mile bike ride yesterday to celebrate my 61st birthday (tomorrow), I had lots of time to think and ponder things, and as promised, I want to talk about the MOST IMPORTANT thing associated with any goal you …

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I Only Have 25 Years to Live?!

OMG! What if someone came up to you and told you, “best case scenario, you have 25 years to live!” What would you do?  How would you plan to spend those 25 years? As you know, this past November, I completed my 3,000 mile cross country bicycle ride, and what …