Day 35, Silsbee, TX to Deridder, LA

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Day 35, Silsbee, TX to Deridder, LA

Wow, day 35, and I am finally out of the state of Texas.  Don’t get me wrong, we have fallen in love with certain town and areas we have passed through, enough that we want to come back!  Today I talked about being open minded, and when Deb and I first entered Texas, through El Paso, we really thought that is what we would see for the next 1,000 miles.  We couldn’t wait for it to be over.  Then, we entered small town after small town, and we slowly warmed to Texas!  We warmed so much that we began a list of all the cool places we have to come back and spend some time exploring.  We all should enter situations with an open mind, especially when we have preconceived ideas, prejudices and stereotypes.  We all form opinions based on what we have seen before, heard, or imagined, but that prevents us from seeing the truth in many cases.  We were wrong this time, and how many other times has our opinion been skewed because of not having an open mind.  Think about it!

Now for today’s ride.  I rode 70.2 miles today from Silsbee, TX to Deridder, LA.  A little rolling hills, and a very scarry stretch of about 20 miles with no shoulder and logging truck after logging truck, all going 70 MPH.  Most of them would slow down and go around me, but not all.  Deb played “blocker” for me, riding behind me with her flashers on, and that seemed to work.  We made it as a team!  The rest of the roads were good, and the scenery better than yesterday.  I continue to grow each and every day.  As I crank out the miles, I feel stronger and stronger, not just physically, but mentally. I see my goal getting closer and closer, but If I had not started this journey, I would never have discovered all these amazing things about myself, my amazing bride, and the amazing places along the way.  When I crossed into Louisiana today, it gave me a huge lift, and my pace picked up, and I had a smile on my face.  5 days here in Louisiana, and I get to experience that feeling again!  If we never take that first step, we will never know those feelings.  Stay strong my friends, and I will talk to you again tomorrow,

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