Day 39 and 40

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Day 39 and 40

Well, I did it again, missed another day!  I am gonna blame it on preparing for daylight savings time.  But seriously, on day 39 I rode from Jackson, LA to Frankinton, LA, 73 miles.  It was a challenging day with 73 miles of up and down.  I have to say, I wasn’t expecting so much climbing, over 3100 ft, but really, I had no idea what to expect.  Bottom line, at 73 miles, I felt I could have kept going, so that is a sign to me that I am getting stronger all around!  The route was very peaceful, with lots of tree cover bringing shade, very much appreciated.  The route itself wasn’t particularly picture worthy, but I only got chased by 2 dogs, and the owner was very nice, we talked, and he gave me a compressed air horn to ward off future dogs!  He even offered a candy bar!  All in all, it was a day of personal growth and learning, learning about my ability to improve and be fearless!

Day 40 was from Franklinton, LA to just past Poplarville, MS.  Because I went further yesterday, I didn’t have as far to go today, so my mileage was only 53.  ONLY?  Funny how we adjust our personal expectations as we improve.  I am at a ;point where 60 miles seems the minimum I should go.  Now with daylight savings time in place, we will have to get started earlier to get the miles in before it gets dark.  I had rain for the first couple hours, but it wasn’t cold, so I just pressed through it, and frankly, it was somewhat refreshing.  Again, today had it’s share of rolling hills, but nothing like yesterday, and a fair share of flat stretches too.  We also went through some small towns that were cute, but also some that were quite depressed.  The best part of the day was crossing into Mississippi.  To be one state closer is amazing, and I am so pumped to be on the home stretch.  Now for the down side of the day.  I left my phone on the trailer and forgot it, and it fell off down the road and shattered the screen.  Luckily, it seems to be working, can still receive calls, and the lights come on, but of course, can’t see the screen.  I have arranged with my insurance to take it to Gulfport, MS. tomorrow, so we are gonna get up, get loaded up, and drive the 50 miles to Gulfport, drop the phone off, and hope they can get it fixed within a day or two before we are too far away from the area.  Puts a little kink in my plans, but I may have to add some miles to a couple of days, but will get it done.  Gonna make lemonade out of these lemons!  I did feel a bit more sluggish today, but not to a point where I couldn’t have gone farther, but again, let’s blame it on daylight savings time!  Well, wish me luck, hope that I get my phone fixed, hope I get my mileage caught up, and hope for continued strength!

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