Day 41, Poplarville, MS to Vancleave, MS

Posted on: November 6, 2018 Posted by: Steve Comments: 0

Day 41, Poplarville, MS to Vancleave, MS

Can you believe it is day 41?! The day didn’t start out as I had envisioned.  First, we had to drive 70 miles to Gulfport, MS to drop off my phone at the “approved” repair place for my phone to be covered by my insurance.  They didn’t open until 10, but I was first through the door, and the said “yes, we can fix this!”  That made my morning, so we made arrangements that we would ride, then come back and get the phone before they closed.  We then drove back 40 miles to where I stopped yesterday in Poplarville, and I began my ride, much later than I had hoped.  No dog chases today!  I also didn’t have a camera since my phone was being repaired, but Deb got some photos.  Frankly, the scenery wasn’t particularly photo worthy, but it was pleasant.  Temps were in the 80s, and the humidity was up higher than it has been up to this point, and I may have not hydrated as well as I should have.  Once again, the terrain was rolling hills, and although not as intense as a couple days ago, it was still pretty constant.  As we got to about 45 miles, we knew we only had a bout an hour to go before we had to load up to get back to the phone repair place to get my phone, so I took a short break, loaded up on an Accel Gel and Accelerade, and I took off. I had been feeling a bit sluggish just prior to this, but as soon as I got back on the bike, it was like Popeye after his spinach!  I felt strong, and all of a sudden my legs had a new burst of energy, and I was rolling along at a great pace, almost effortlessly.  Not sure what happened, but it made for a great last 12 miles!  I do believe I was a bit stressed today with the situation with my phone, and I didn’t sleep well last night worrying about it.  Now I have my phone fixed, and tomorrow I ride into Alabama, and we get down on the gulf coast.  I can taste the end, and it is GOOD.  I am definitely a stronger and better person as a result.  We all need a journey like this in our lives!  Until tomorrow, have a great evening!

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