Day 42, Ocean Springs, MS to Gulf Shores, AL

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Day 42, Ocean Springs, MS to Gulf Shores, AL

Hey there everyone!  So, you may have noticed that I ended my day yesterday in Vancleave, MS, but I started my day today in Ocean Springs. Because there were no hotels up where we finished, we ended up driving due south of our ending location and staying on the coast in Ocean Springs.  With that said, I looked at the possibility of riding directly along the coast on hwy 90 instead of driving back to where we were.  It served a duel purpose.  First, saved time not having to drive back, and put me close to the water.  After much back and forth, I decided to take 90, and I couldn’t be happier.  When the route on 90 met up with the Adventure Cycling route, my GPS told me “Route Found” and we continued on our way. The weather was a bit overcast, and very humid, but boy did I feel strong!  Over my nearly 78 miles today, I averaged 13.6 mph, and frankly, if it hadn’t gotten dark, I could have easily gone further!  I don’t know what to attribute it all to.  Why did I suddenly have this burst of energy? I can’t answer that, but I do know I felt amazing, and that makes all the pain and discomfort I have experienced over the past 6 weeks worth it.  I can’t help but think about the hand painted sign on the side of the dumpster at the top of a climb way back in New Mexico, “The pain you feel today, is the strength you will feel tomorrow!” How true is that?! We don’t grow if we don’t take risks, and sometimes those risks are scary, and even uncomfortable, but you have to do it!

Part of our ride today included a ferry ride, and during that break, we got to talk to lots of folks, and even received some donations, so that was awesome.  Saw lots of pelicans, fish jumping, dolphins, and all the cool stuff you see on the sea! What an amazing day, meeting cool people, seeing cool things, and just feeling amazing.  I can’t wait for Day 43 as I enter Florida!!!

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