Day 47 and More

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Day 47 and More

Hey everyone, it is day 47, and I know I had written other daily blogs, but apparently, they have disappeared into the ethersphere!  So, let’s do a quick catch up.  I made it to Florida, and it felt amazing!  Rode through Pensacola and then into Fort Walton Beach, and was so nice to be in familiar territory.  Rode in the rain, but with the higher temps, felt good, and I feel good physically!  On 9 Nov, I rode into the Air Force Enlisted Village in Shalimar, FL., and spoke at their Veteran’s Day ceremony.  It was such an honor, and so cool to be able to speak to many of the residents.  The following morning, Deb and I got to help load several trailers with relief supplies for the victims of Hurricane Michael down in the Panama City area.  Afterwards, we went to the Magnolia Grill for a pancake breakfast to benefit the Air Force Enlisted Village, and the Veteran Heritage Program at Niceville, High School.  Met some more great people, and some amazing teens.

After breakfast, I had to get a ride in so we rode down highway 20 toward the Panama City area.  because we got such a late start, only managed 46 miles, but I felt really good, and wish I hadn’t run out of daylight.  Aftger the ride, we decided to drive down through Lynn Haven and into Panama City.  We were floored by the extent of the damage in those areas.  It is so very sad.  So many businesses destroyed, homes, lives.  Despite this sadness, there were also so many signs of resilience.  People cleaning up, businesses open, people out and about.  It is going to take years to rebuild, but they are working hard.  Pictures don’t do justice to the true devastation.  Also, to many of us, it was simply a news cycle.  Now there are so many other things in the news, we have all but forgot that area. but they truly need help!

After a rest day on Sunday, I hit the road again, and once again rode in the rain.  Rode 59 miles and nearly made it to Tallahassee, but once again darkness got the best of me, but we are now in the Eastern time zone.  We also saw so much more destruction even inland where we were riding.  We spent the night in Tallahassee, then returned to where I finished, and rode, again in heavy heavy rain, toward Madison.  Had to stop about 18 miles short of Madison because the rain was just too heavy.  I am feeling very good though, and can’t believe that in 5 days, this adventure will be done.

I forgot to mention meeting Tom and his bird Spencer Bucket Head.  Tome began riding on July 4th in Seattle, Washington, and is riding to Cape Canaveral with his bird. We talked a bit, gave him some water, and have since connected on facebook.  What an adventure he is having!

Tomorrow, hopefully I can finally get a full day of riding in.  I have learned so much about myself on this ride, and I can’t wait to put it into a book!  Thanks everyone for following us, and than you for your amazing support!


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