Welcome to I Ride With Steve

Posted on: December 22, 2017 Posted by: Steve Comments: 0

Welcome to I Ride With Steve

In September of 2018, I will be riding over 3000 miles from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL to not only raise money for three amazing veteran charities; The Travis Mills Foundation, Project Hero, and The Air Force Enlisted Village, but I will be riding as a 60 year old disabled veteran.  As a result of a botched surgery while serving the last couple years of my 28 year Air Force career, I lost the use of my lower left leg.  I have to wear a brace to walk, but I can ride un-tethered!  This part of the ride is for anyone who is “too old,” “too overweight,” “too disabled,” “I can’t,” or anything else that keeps us from facing our “disability!”!  I am not saying everyone needs to ride 3000 miles with me, but during my ride, I am going to ask people to get moving; take a few extra steps each day, jog a little further, ride a little further, face a demon, ride with me!  I will be keeping this updated daily throughout my ride, but I will also keep you posted on my challenges over the next few months as I train and prepare for this huge undertaking.  Ride with me!

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