What a dummy I am!!

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What a dummy I am!!

So, I just finished day 34 of my 3,000 plus mile bike ride from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL.  I am a real dummy!!! I have been journaling every day in a notebook instead of just coming here and putting my day down on my blog. So, with that said, I promise I will log everything here for the last 30 days!  So this will encompass two riding days as I just didn’t have time to write anything last night.  Yesterday I rode from Navisota, TX to Coldspring, TX.  It was about 66 miles of rolling hills.  I believe I climbed a little over 2700 feet.  It was a nice ride, mostly through the Sam Houston National Forest.  Lots of trees, several lakes, and just beautiful scenery.  There was also a lot of traffic.  Note to self…never ride through a National Park on a Sunday in the 80s, and clear skies.  People pulling trailers with 4-wheelers, Quads, boats, campers, etc.  So much traffic, and really not much of a shoulder on the road.  Despite that, I had a good ride, and saw some beautiful parts of Texas.  I have to say I am feeling stronger each and every day.  My daily mileage has climbed from getting 50 in a day, to 60 now being the norm, and I feel so much better at the end of each day.  I am also riding faster, although this isn’t a race!!  It is amazing to see my stamina increase as I go along, and instead of feeling 60, I feel more like 55, haha.  Seriously, feel much younger, and the pain and struggles I went through early on in the ride have paid off.  My message to anyone would be don’t quit!  There were times when I questioned my ability to do this, but I pushed through, and now, it is all clear, and looking back, I have learned so much about myself and my ability to accomplish things.

Now onto today’s ride, day 34.  Oh yeah, last night we drove to Houston and stayed with our new friends Jose and Clementina.  We met Jose on the road.d  He was riding across Texas to his home in Houston, and we rode together several days.  See, not only have we seen amazing things, but have made two new friends!! After driving back to Coldspring from Houston, I set off on my ride to Silsbee, TX.  This is my last day finishing in Texas!!!  Been a long haul through this state.  Today’s ride was rather boring.  It started with a few rolling hills, but then it was just one long, flat, boring road for 69 miles.  I did see a few beautiful things around a couple rivers, and while crossing a bridge, but for the most part, not much to report.  Again, felt pretty good!  I did have my first fall today, but nothing serious, a miscalculation on tire placement.  Got right up and went on with my day. We ended in Silsbee, but had to drive to Lumberton to get lodging, and we found this hidden gem, The Book Nook Inn.  Beautiful, and now on our list of places we have to come back to.  Deb is in her element as it is based on book themes, and one of the owners is also a published author.  Here’s to a relaxing evening, and another long ride tomorrow, 72 miles to Louisiana!

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