Wow! 2018, Here we GO!!!

Posted on: January 4, 2018 Posted by: Steve Comments: 0

Wow! 2018, Here we GO!!!

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to 2018!  I can’t believe 2018 is here, and for me, it means I really need to get my planning and execution in gear, because 21 September will be here before I know it.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t a bit nervous, after all, riding over 3,000 miles isn’t an easy task for anyone, especially a 60 year old with only one good leg.  Now that I have gotten that elephant off my back, I assure you, I have all intentions of “making it!”  I love a challenge, and I know that I have the love and support of my amazing wife, Best Selling Author, Deborah J. Hughes, and I know all my friends and family will be pushing me along too.  I also have so many amazing people who inspire me every day with their efforts at overcoming situations and conditions that make mine seem so very trivial.  I welcome you all to join me on this journey, and help me inspire others, and help me raise money for my three amazing veteran charities.  I invite anyone who is interested in joining me for a few days, organizing an event in your area, raffling off a bike, or just making a donation to support my ride, to contact me at  I am so excited!  Stay tuned!

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